ReviewStory - boost reviews for under-reviewed or new products

Your customer reviews tell a story.
We make sure it's relevant and up to date.

What ReviewStory solves

As an e-commerce store owner, you know the importance of customer reviews to your business. However, not all reviews are equally effective. A crucial aspect of a successful review is its recency. Half of potential clients won’t read reviews more than a month old. 22% of consumers only consider reviews written in the last two weeks (brightlocal survey).

Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to improve sales of an existing one, sampling is an excellent way to maintain confidence in your products, with relevant reviews.

With ReviewStory, you’ll be able to spot the products that are thirsty for fresh, positive, content-rich reviews,

Then ReviewStory will identify brand advocates from customers that expressed positive sentiment in recent products reviews.

Finally, ReviewStory will run a product sampling campaign on those brand advocates, getting their reviews on the “cold products”, making sure your reviews are always relevant and utilized to their fullest potential.

How ReviewStory does it

Step 1 - Indentifying under-reviewed products

ReviewStory presents you with 3 categories of under-reviewed products:

  • New products with few reviews

  • Products with few reviews from the past month

  • Products with few reviews over all time

Step 2 - Setting up sampling campaigns

ReviewStory enables you to create product sampling campaigns according to:

  • The number of reviews you would like to generate

  • Maximum number of samples you would like to send

  • Number of samples you are willing to send in a day

  • The discount you are prepared to give on the sampled product

Step 3 - Sending discounts to past shoppers and reviewers

ReviewStory finds your brand advocates according to the following criterea:

  • A verified buyer of your brand

  • Wrote a content-rich and positive review in the past

  • Didn't buy the under-reviewed product that you are sampling

  • Not part of any other sampling campaign of ReviewStory

Once the right brand advocate is matched to the under-reviewed product, ReviewStory sends out an email with a discount coupon specifically addressed to the brand advocate, for buying the under-reviewed product.

After the brand advocate places the order and the product is shipped and delivered, the brand advocate is expected to write a review for the under-reviewed product, making it a more well-reviewed product.

ReviewStory Integrations

ReviewStory is a Shopify app, which integrates with Yotpo reviews.

We use the best of Yotpo API, including Yotpo Insights API.

Yotpo is the only integration of ReviewStory - can't use ReviewStory without it.

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